Ditching the Bottle: What Cup is Best?!?

Sippy Cups vs. Rimless Cups vs. Straw Cups - Bree M.

The day you dreaded has finally arrived. The pediatrician told you that as of today bottles are officially the devil, and it's time to move on. CRAP! WTF are you supposed to do now? There are so many cups out there, what do you choose? HOW do you even begin to choose? 

If you're anything like me, you're overwhelmed by all of the choices. There are so many freaking types - all in different brands. It's enough to trigger some panic. WHAT WOULD THE BEST MOM CHOOSE?!? 

Chill...take a deep breath...we got this. Let's break this down. 

What kind of cups are out there?

There are many, many, many different cups (duh captain obvious), but the main cups you'll see are sippy cups (hard and soft spout), spoutless cups, and straw cups.  

What are the pros and cons of each type of cup?

Sippy cups are great because they're pretty easy to transition to. The spout is similar to the nipple of a bottle and babies and toddlers grasp how to use them easily (especially soft spout sippy cups). Best yet, out of all the different cup options, sippy cups tend to be the most spill resistant. Because of these reasons, sippy cups are often an automatic choice for moms trying to ditch the bottle. 

Unfortunately, the fact that sippy cups resemble bottles are their biggest flaw. Dentists, pediatricians, and speech pathologists recommend skipping the sippy cup all together. But I'll be honest, we used a soft spout sippy cup for a while and it was a huge life saver until we got our toddler used to other cups. Also, they still leak - though admittedly not as much as the spoutless or the straw cups.

Spoutless cups rock because they look just like a real cup. But instead of spilling liquid all over the place when your baby shakes the cup like a wild animal or tries to drink from a crazy drinking angle, the liquid (usually) stays in the cup because of a thin flexible membrane that keeps liquid in until sucked out. 

So what sucks about them (pun 100% intended because I'm lame like that)? Well, they can be difficult to figure out how to use...they're not really intuitive. To get my daughter used to it (which took months) I'd have to peel back a portion of the membrane lining the lid with my finger and drip whatever it was she was drinking at the time into her mouth. They also ooze milk when traveling - even if you buy a cover for them. Milk just oozes out and cleaning up old milk really not my favorite activity. 

Straw cups are basically the best they're our go to cup. There are many different options, weighted straws, valved straws, and straw cups that claim to be leak proof (hahaha no they aren't leak proof). We started with a valved weighted straw cup and we loved them, but ultimately we transitioned to a normal ordinary straw cup as soon as our daughter got the hang of it (which admittedly took a while because she was a booby addict who had no love for anything other than boobs...).

So what are the cons? Well they're definitely not leak proof for milk, and cleaning them is ANNOYING AF...ESPECIALLY the weighted valved straw cups with the tiny flexible straws that are easy to puncture and are susceptible to mold. Thats why we switched to the regular straw cups, but they are still just a little annoying to clean and it is kind of a rough transition to a totally unrestricted mouthful of liquid - be prepared for some gagging noises. Don't be scared though, they'll eventually figure it out. 


So which cups should I buy?

Well, we bought at least one of each trying to figure out what worked best. If I had to do it all over again, I'd start with a regular straw from the get go. They're easy to clean, leak PREDICTABLY (instead of just randomly oozing and exploding milk), and there are some REALLY cost friendly options out there that wont break the bank.

Want more info on cups? Never fear! Our next article we will go into detail in our top 3 favorite cups. Spoiler alert, Take & Toss cups with aftermarket silicone straws are the absolute best.


We want to hear from you! 

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